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Nancy Clark's Food Guide for New Runners: Getting It Right from the Start


Novice runners are hungry for good nutrition information. They have lots of food questions: What should I eat before I run? What about sports drinks? How much protein should I be eating? How can I lose weight and have energy to exercise? Is it normal for runners to get dizzy at the end of a run?

Nancy Clark's Food Guide for New Runners will answer those questions--plus others. The easy-reading book offers practical tips, debunks nutrition myths, and is a simple "how to" resource for new runners who are eager to learn how to reach their goals with energy to spare.

Clark's Food Guide for New Runners is divided into three sections that address 1) day to day eating on the run; 2) fueling before, during, and after runs, and 3) weight management -- how to healthfully gain muscle and/or lose undesired body fat. The text is sprinkled with quotes from new runners as well as recipes, sample menus, and nutrition side bars.

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